Notes on a Lost Continent

I recently finished Bill Bryson’s Lost Continent and Notes from a Small Island about his travels in the US and UK respectively.
They are both excellent books filled with interesting facts about both locations. Both also contain inane facts no one really cares about and that get somewhat tedious. Both are books that I would rather read than go out and experience such adventures first hand. Both are also a great size to stick in my bag to read turing my commute.

I preferred Lost Continent to Notes because I found it slightly more relatable, I have been to some of those states, while the farthest we got in England was London for a week in 1996, or was it 1998? The year the World Cup was held in and won by France.

All I really remember was rainy weather, getting rather turned around, not being impressed by Harrods, liking Marks & Spencer a good deal and seeing some park or such with a green house that was so muggy and Houston-like I exited almost immediately (somewhere I have a journal from that trip). We also saw something going on with cannons and I have a rock from the Thames (somewhere).

Although it was thoughtful of Bryson to include a glossary it might’ve been a little more helpful at the beginning of the book because I was completely unaware of it until I got to the last few pages at which point it was a little late. Towards the middle/end of both books things started to drag a bit and become slightly tedious, maybe that’s why Gavin hasn’t finished Notes yet, he hasn’t had 7 hours with little else to do.

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