new look in the living room

Since moving in together our living room has undergone quite a few changes. Back in May we moved the day bed out, added some bookshelves and a little table, just last month, we added more bookshelves, and this last week we added a new computer.

We have a really great, cozy little living room (which we also use to exercise, read, entertain guests, and eat), but it felt like it was lacking something. We originally went in search of a nice flat-panel TV, but decided a computer was more in-line with what we would need/use.

With that in mind, we set out and got a 24-inch iMac and hooked it up to a very nice surround sound system. We have an EyeTV adapter so it also functions as a TV, it plays DVDs, CDs, movies, videos, I can surf the web, listen to iTunes and ignore the WoW raids going on in the other room.

At some point I will also easily be able to update the website (that should be coming soon). In the meantime, the blog link has changed, it is now please make note of the change.

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