a “very good attempt” (complete w/fire alarm)

“So when it doesnt work out we’ll order a real one?” Gavin asked when I announced I was going to make pizza for dinner.
“IF it doesnt work out we’ll have a salad.”

We were walking back from the post office, Gavin needed a break from his computer, and I needed to mail a package.

“We can order a real one,” Gavin repeated.
I was quiet. Clearly the salad argument was lost.

Once again, inspired by Slashfood, I set out on a culinary adventure: Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. No recipe was listed, so I googled and found one that looked do-able.

It was easy enough to make, assemble and put in the oven.

“Something’s burning.” Oh dear, that sounded fimiliar.
It wasn’t burning, something had just dripped onto the drip-catcher thingie on the bottom of the oven. So there, and the oven still hadn’t reached 475*F.
“What’s it set on?”
“500, for the last 45+ minutes.”
“Does it get any hotter?”

As the pizza baked, Gavin decided to assemble our new speaker system (eventually our new computer will show up and we’ll have quite the media center in the living room).

I sat, watched, and helped hold down stryofoam. I also started to wonder where we were going to house the subwoofer. (“It goes woof,” thank you Gavin).

All of a sudden there was quite a loud beeping noise… the fire alarm decided to go off. We checked the oven. The pizza was on a warpath… on the rise out the 12-inch-cake pan. Clearly dinner was going to be special.

Fortnuatly, we opened the windows and the fire alarm stopped. The pizza looked done and we set it on the stove to cool.

“How thick was the crust? Was it 1/8 of an inch?”
“Closer to 1/2-3/4.”
“Well next time we can use the cast iron pan, or the springform.”

We did not order pizza, nor did we have a salad. I managed to cut the pizza into four wedges, it was mostly cooked, the middle was a bit doughy, but over all it was edible, and “a very good attempt, we’ll try again with less dough.”

Gavin was quite encouraging, he finished his wedge and started thinking up ways to salvage the second pizza which sat in the fridge. Maybe in a few days when I am feeling braver I shall attempt this again.

On a very happy side note, Gavin hooked my ipod up to the new speaker system in the livingroom, it sounds FANTASTIC!!!

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