Bomb Scares for Breakfast (a little too early for my taste)

This morning on my commute to work I had to change from the 86 Bus to the Orange Line at Sullivan Station.

The bus ride was how it always is, lurching enough to keep you awake and rather dull. Then we got to Sullivan Station.

There were several fire trucks and countless police and security personnel. We were told to stay on our bus as shuttle busses were being lined up. Of all the days to forget my cell phone.

Any fear people on the bus might have had soon turned to annoyance. No one wanted to wait for shuttle busses in the cold, and no one wanted to be late for work.

I was fortunate in that I was heading away from Boston, the Malden-Oak Grove bus was nearly empty. The busses heading into town were standing-room only.

There was another bus driver on the shuttle bus who chatted happily with the driver. “Any ideas?” the driver asked. “No,” the other driver paused. “Well, yes, but I’m not supposed to say.” She walked over to the driver and lowered her voice.

I got to my temp job with out too many more adventures.

Then I got the office-wide e-mail from the receptionist: Bomb squad removes suspicious object that closed I-93 north. Well, that would certainly explain traffic around Sullivan.

Several of the office staff felt that the people responsible should be sent to Guantanamo (I disagree, it’s nice and warm down there). And several women expressed great concern that —even though the bombs turned out to be a hoax— that people still managed to get packages in those locations. Well, they manage to get graffiti up there, why not some suspicious package?

Some people are really stupid.

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