it is going to zig and zag and zig

I usually do not have company at the bus stop in the mornings on my commute to work, the other morning however, was quite different.

I was joined by a man and a young boy. The boy held a sippy-cup of juice, while the man held the child-sized gloves. The boy was probably around 3 or 4 years old, and much to the man’s distress, enjoyed balancing on the edge of the sidewalk.

The boy also pointed out “The MOOM is out! See the MOOM!” Indeed there was a sliver of moon showing above St. Anthony’s.

The boy then informed me, rather proudly, they were “going to take the bus, then the train, and it is going to zig and zag and zig” (with the appropriate exaggerated arm movements).

When prompted as to what bus they would ride, the boy proudly announced: “The EIGHT-SEVEN!” then chanted “EIGHT-SEVEN” several times to drive the point home.

They sat towards the back of the bus, but you could still hear the little boy eagerly telling his fellow passengers “We’re going to the TRAIN!” By train I think he meant subway, they got off at Davis Square.

In a way it was refreshing to see someone excited about public transportation. I wonder how he’ll feel about it 20 years from now.

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