paper napkins in $3 napkin rings

Today is our six-month anniversary, so once again, we had lasagna and broccoli with garlic bread, and to make it extra special, I found a bottles of sparkling cider and sparkling water to go with the meal.

We sat down at the table and Gavin suddenly burst out laughing. I thought he was laughing at the lasagna (it likes to collapse on the way out of the dish) and was not nearly as amused.

Gavin held up the napkin (it has red sauce so napkins are necessary) and the napkin ring (we picked up 8 the other day at Crate & Barrel with one of our gift cards).

I failed to see the humor in a paper napkin. I don’t like cloth ones, it tends to mean more laundry for me.

Gavin was amused that the $3 napkin rings were being used with paper napkins…

and now for a potential MasterCard commercial:

12 pack of paper towels at Market Basket $4
8 napkin rings from Crate & Barrel $24
6 months of being married to Gavin… priceless

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