Sunburned Onions have Wilted Layers

Today, as I was getting dressed for work (temping, reception), I was reminded of Shreck and Donkey’s conversation about ogers having layers –like onions have layers, today, Kindli had layers, problem layers.

The problem lay in the white blouse, they can be rather sheer if you’re not careful (and even if you are). Logically, I layered a white camisole under it, then realized the feminine lace detailing on the front nicely showed through showcasing my bra and cleavage through the blouse.

Not exactly work appropriate, at least not for this job!

Although I was going to layer the blouse under a cardigan, it still made me uneasy, so I dug out my flesh colored camisole (with out feminine lace detailing) which just left rather odd strap lines (it was narrower than my bra straps).

On the way to the bus stop I thought about what Gavin would probably be wearing today: jeans, a long sleeve polo, sneakers, and a durable outdoorsy jacket. I departed the apartment in an Anne Klein walking coat with cashmere scarf, wool blend print slacks, a blouse, cashmere blend cardigan and very nice boots.

He gets paid more, I dress nicer. Today, being Friday, the only people dressed nicer than I was were the people coming in for interviews. Temping knows no casual Fridays.

On the bright side, temping means lots of time to read. Today’s book was In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. It fit nicely in my purse and has an adorable picture of a kangaroo on the cover (one of the main reasons I bought it).

I finished it. When you have five hours of nothing to do (after spending 3 1/2 sticking stickers in a massive busy work “administrative” project), it is quite easy to finish a book. It helped that the book was interesting, and entertaining (it usually does).

I would not go so far as to call it a gripping thriller, or even a real page turner it was just a fun read. I also enjoy Bryson’s writing style and miscellaneous adventures, he has a way of talking about rather serious issues in a way I find most amusing, consequently, I have stopped reading his books while I am trying to drink fizzy things.

In In a Sunburned Country he takes great delight in enumerating the numerous things in Australia that can kill you, and refers to them frequently through out the entire book. From his close encounter with the killer jellyfish while he is attempting to boogie-board to the numerous crocodile encounters he’s read about in the news and guide books.

Comforting, really.

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