Joys of Public Transportation

The joys of public transportation are endless. This morning after waiting about 10 minutes for the bus, and enduring the terrifying bus ride to Sullivan, I was informed by a rather unpleasant worker that my pass would not work and I needed to deposit my token in the tub (like every other morning, although THIS morning they actually had the “new & improved” machines up).

As if it was my fault that they were dysfunctionally changing over the payment systems at Sullivan (and along the entire system for that matter).

There are a few problems with my commute. I either leave the house at 8 am, and arrive at my destination at 8:40, or, no matter what time I leave after that, for some reason I can not manage to get to work sooner than 9:15. I need to be there by 9 am. It is really a no-win situation.

My afternoon commute was also unpleasant today. As I waited in the drizzle for the 86 bus, FOUR (4) 93 busses whizzed past, I waited over 25 minutes. On a Tuesday afternoon, during the peak commute hours. I called Gavin, There was a bus at 5:24 and there will be a bus at 5:41. I was THERE at 5:24 and there was NO bus.

I am starting to notice people on my commute. In the afternoons on the subway, there is the loud redhead and her Rubenesque-brunette friend. They loudly discuss boys!, and a coworker.

On the bus in both the mornings and the afternoons is the Guy with the Long Long Long Hair. In the mornings there is the large lady with the purple jacket. In the afternoons the woman with the very tightly braided bun.

The next city we move to is not going to have public transportation. In Houston, we all recognized public transportation was a joke, here, they take it seriously. In Houston, it was expected that things wouldn’t work, that trucks would attack the Light Rail in fits of envious passion, and stupid people would stall their cars on the tracks.

In Boston, for all the hype and hot air put out about the “T” system and the Charlie Card, the system is miserable, and filthy. I do NOT care if it is “the oldest subway” in the nation, it’s on my top 10 list of poorly designed subways/public transportation systems in the world.

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