Would you like to be transferred to his voice mail?

This morning on my walk to the bus stop I noticed several kamikaze slugs had found their way on to the side walk. I stepped around them and continued my trek. This mornings weather was very similar to many of the moist chilly spring mornings I experienced in Vienna, the scenery was worse, and I would not stop for a chocolate croissant before heading to my final destination. Tragic, I know.

I spent my day temping for a law-office, essentially this meant that I lied with great frequency and increasing creativity about the whereabouts of the lawyers. I’m sorry he’s in a meetingHe’s stepped out of his officeHe’s on the phone right now … It didn’t matter what the excuse was, it was always followed by very politely asking: Would you like to be transferred to his voice mail?

For lunch I went to Au bon Pain, found a corner to sit in, and enjoyed my sandwich and book in the corner. I was happily left alone for an hour, no phones, no persistent, insistent callers, no one asking me to put people on the security list, or make photo copies, or comment on how bored I must be –not with these callers I’m not.

Today I started, and finished, The Bookseller of Kabul. Gavin mentioned they’re trying to ban it in Afghanistan because it is a “negative portrayal” of life there. I think that’s telling.

I started reading it on the bus, and gave up any attempt to read on the subway. At 8:20 there is standing-room-only by the time it reaches Sullivan. There was also a rather obnoxious young woman on her cell phone. I was rather thrilled when we went into the tunnels because she lost all reception and she had to shut up and put her phone away.

The subway on the way home at 5:05 was also standing-room-only. As I trekked back over the hill, I noticed most of the slugs from the morning had made it back into the grass safely. The two that didn’t… clearly didn’t. Blast spell check, it wants to change temping to tempting.

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