Out in Boston w/the Parents

Yesterday the Parents arrived at our door. They’d taken the Fung Wah bus from New York City to Boston’s South Station. $15 and an adventure was too good a deal for Mom to pass up.

The usual greetings were exchanged, a tour of the apartment was given, wedding pictures were oohed over, and we walked down to Uno’s for dinner.

Today I met the Parents at their hotel and we took the bus/T to the Aquarium. Mom bought us a membership there, hopefully we’ll use it a few more times before it runs out.
Mom & Dad at the Aquarium

After the Aquarium, we went to Mike’s Pastry, Paul Reveres Mall, the Old North Church, through North End, past Fanuiel Hall, to the Old Meeting House, stopped at Commonwealth Books –an AMAZING used book store, and then came back to the apartment on the Redline.
This Cow made me Happy

Mom kept commenting on how Boston reminds her of Holland, and countless European cities. She gravitated towards the cows, “Just like in Z!” She also asked questions about the parts of American History that she missed out on while she was in Germany, “What did Paul Revere do that made him so famous?”

My feet hurt. Dad is napping and Mom’s checking her e-mail. Pictures of these grand adventures have been posted at my Yahoo Photo site.

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