Rearranging the Office (Gone Gold-fishin’)

Today after church we went to the Cheesecake Factory with Jenny, Beth & Seth (Jenny couldn’t get Paul out of bed). After lunch, Jenny, Beth & Seth went to the Science Museum, while Gavin and I went home and rearranged the office.

I’m not sure how long this new set-up is going to last, neither the floor nor the desk are very level, and the light on Gavin’s display may or may not end up being an issue. We’ll see.

Before: please note the desk sticking drastically out into the middle of the room
During: Gavin’s desk hadn’t been moved from that corner since he moved in (a little over a year ago) so an army of dust bunnies armed with dust mites greeted us. We also found a few goldfish crackers… After: I like the new set up, I no longer bash my thigh into the desks (I was developing a permanent tender spot from trying to cut the corner too closely). For more pictures of our apartment check out my Yahoo Photo Album: Apartment

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