Police & Kitchen Aid Mixers

This morning at 8:30 am there were 5 police cars parked outside the Extra Space Storage facility across the street from our house, at 8:40ish they were down to 2, and by 9:05 they were all gone. We’re speculating.

In other, more exciting news, yesterday my super nifty Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer arrived.

Gavin’s comments: “My mother waited 26 years to get one and you got one in the first two months” (Yes, 2 months to the day!) and “Where are we going to put the thing?!” — I pointed out we had a roaster and the mixer was going to get more use than it was. There was much sighing and he finally disappeared off to play World of Warcraft.

To prove that it would be used, Kelly and I searched the internet until we found a recipe that we had ingredients for: sugar cookies.

So we made sugar cookies. The mixer is so much fun to use. It has 10 settings and is set to rival my hand mixer for the “Favorite Kitchen Appliance” … although I doubt I’ll use it for little things like egg whites and whipping cream.

We now have a container of sugar cookies, and there was much rejoicing. YAY!

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