We were never stopped and asked to help the DNC

Kelly is visiting for a few days, she’s a friend from high-school (we met my freshman year), she got in last night after some eventful flights, and is the very first guest (Guinea pig) Gavin and I have had since we got married (two months ago today)!

Today Kelly and I walked to the 86 bus to Harvard Square. We lingered for a few hours to walk around and check out the stores and get a change of scenery.

As we walked around we noticed several people about our age with bright-blue DNC t-shirts (and clipboards) trying to get people to “help the democrats take back Congress.”

We walked past at least five or six of them… they completely ignored us.

I am the first to admit to not being a democrat, I’m a diehard centrist with apathetic tendencies. Kelly tends to have more moderate Republican/Independent leanings.

We were never stopped and asked to help the DNC.

I feel discriminated against. From what we could see the t-shirted goons with clipboards were only stopping minorities to talk to them. They didn’t stop any white women in their early 20s, they didn’t want to talk to us.

They ambushed a group of young asians, they hunted down a group of people with “mixed” ethnic heritage. I’m a little irked, I have mixed ethnic heritage too! I just don’t look like it or demand affirmative action.

For a party that talks about including everyone I feel left out. They didn’t care what my political views were. They discriminated against me because I wasn’t enough of a minority. I didn’t even get a chance to tell them what I believed in, they didn’t ask, they didn’t care.

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