And there was much rejoicing…

The website has been updated, pictures have been posted, fun links have been added to the blog, and there was much rejoicing.


In other news, I have nearly finished cataloging the 450+ books that inhabit the apartment with us. We have filled several bookcases… the books are in LC order, although that is going to change… Gavin took one look at how “fiction” was organized, made a few very valid points, and we’ve decided that some weekend they’re going to be rearranged into “nonfiction” and “fiction” shelves.

I’m certain by now that nearly ALL of the books are in out online library at LibraryThing (and Gavin has no idea of where to find any of them on the shelves *grins*).

We are still expecting a few more items of furniture from Ikea, the computer desk for the living room, and the L-shaped desk for projects in the office. We have two unassembled bookcases, two sets of doors, and three spare shelves from Ikea as well. We’re keeping them, because when our book collection expands, we will be needing them.

Things are going along quite well, I’ve almost gotten used to cooking with a gas stove, yes, I keep a safe distance from the flame, and YES, I always make sure I turn it off. So far my cooking has been all right, I guess. It’s taken some getting used to, we have a lot of cabinet space, floor space, and not all that much counter space, it’s not the best laid out kitchen.

That is going to be all for now, I’ve been waking up at 5:15 am (blasted day light), so by 9:30 pm I’m fairly ready for bed… where did my day go?

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