Today must be Thursday

Gavin and I got married Saturday. The photo session lasted longer than the ceremony, and it all went very well. Everyone behaved, no one got drunk and fell in the lake, and I looked fantastic.

Saturday after lunch, Gavin and I embarked on our honeymoon. The first thing we did after we checked into the hotel was go out and find some decent shoes for my charming new husband to wear. Although he is wonderful, he is occasionally lacking in fashion sense, (he is objecting loudly, but you can’t hear him); he had paired some rather heavy shoes with white socks and shorts… going on safari?

We stayed at the Tremont in Galveston. It is a very lovely hotel, the bathroom tiles match the shower curtain… it was quite something.

Sunday afternoon the weather was quite awful so we stayed in the hotel and watched the History Channel and National Geographic. One of the two of them was doing a series of documentaries on Jesus and the Masons and other such conspiracy theories. Sunday night, the hotel gave us complimentary Champagne and chocolate strawberries, great, but neither of us drinks and we were rather stuffed from our dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf.

We had them exchange the champagne for sparkling water and had the strawberries with breakfast.

By Monday, we were rather bored with Galveston. The Historical Strand District is rather dull after about 4 hours and after 3 days we had seen pretty much everything and discovered an art gallery (that had been there for 12 years… but I’d never been bored enough to go inside). Monday after we saw the Oil Platform Museum we had ice-cream –with the intention of staying there for an hour or two… and ended up back at the hotel watching the Viking Challenge on ESPN.

Tuesday Mom saved us from the island boredom. I’d like to make “Survivor Galveston” give every one $1 a day and a harmonica, they can be there Monday-Thursday night, and spend the weekends in a tent on a sandbar. the goal, NOT TO GO TOTALLY INSANE. Tuesday night we arrived back in Boston to find the apartment still standing, and only slightly messy.

Wednesday we cleaned, moved furniture and went to the store. So far we’ve made the back bedroom into the “Master Bedroom” and I get that closet because it’s big (and because Gavin doesn’t want to take all the stuff out of his… which is fine).

So I guess today is Thursday, we’re going to finish cleaning the “Office” and hopefully make a dent in the piles of boxes in the living room. Eventually pictures will be posted, right now, we need to finish moving in and I need to start on a stack of thank-you notes!!!

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