savory kolaches

There has been a fair bit of build up to this. First, I had a wave of inspiration and I made blackberry kolaches, then I made American Cheese, today I finally got things together and made savory kolaches. I changed things up a little, I quartered my polish sausages, and used American cheese instead of… More savory kolaches

The Wedding Box

I’ve been going through our under the stairs storage space looking to see what can go out and what will merely be reshuffled around until the next time I feel inspired to climb back there. One of the boxes that will get shuffled is a large off-cream colored box, edges reinforced with duct-tape, that once… More The Wedding Box

Blackberry Kolaches

Every once in a great while I have an overwhelming need to make kolaches. Sometimes it is to put off the stress of moving and procrastinate on doing other things, other times it is because I really need comfort food. This time? I’m not sure, but I know there are other things I probably should… More Blackberry Kolaches

Peach Sorbet, Strawberry Sauce & Peanut Butter Ice Cream

It has been warm and my limited freezer space has made it difficult to get out my ice cream maker bowl attachment. What follows are some no-ice-cream-maker-needed ways to enjoy something cold, inspired from various sources on the internet, books and a recipe vaguely based off what came in our CSA box. Peach Sorbet Some… More Peach Sorbet, Strawberry Sauce & Peanut Butter Ice Cream